Starcraft 2 Zealot Guide


Zealots are the infantry units with the Protoss. They may be the strongest in the Zerglings and Marines and can simply wipe them out WOW Gold. They attack by melee generating them vulnerable to air units. Within the early game they may be extremely beneficial but you'll want to watch out for units that may kite them.

Charge - Their upgrade is Charge that is researched at the Twilight Council. If you have Zealots within the late game against a large army of ranged units like Siege Tanks then receiving this upgrade is usually powerful. It can be auto-casted when enemy units are nearby. They increase their speed to close the gap instantly to start attacking. It features a cool down time of ten seconds.

2 Gateway Rush - This really is a cheesy play with the Protoss like early Dark Templars. Basically it really is all about mining on minerals only. Forget the Assimilator for now. You'll be using all your Chrono Boost on a smaller army of Zealots to attempt and take your opponent out instantly. This is truly an all-in strategy meaning it is quite challenging to recover from if it fails for the reason that all your resources will likely be poured into this. Right here is actually a build order you may stick to.

Send all of your Zealots straight more than for your opponents base and if he is just not prepared for this rush you are able to very easily rush in and take out their units. Zealots are strong against Marines and Zerglings. They're able to be kited against units for instance Stalkers, Reapers, and also Marauders with Concussive Shells. Also they're able to be blocked out by Sentry Force Fields. This rush is very risky and typically only works within the lower leagues.

Zerg - Banelings, Roaches, Ultralisks, Brood Lords, MutalisksTerran - Banshees, Reapers, Hellions, BattlecruisersProtoss - Colossi, Dark Templars, Archons, Motherships, Void Rays, Phoenix

Against one more Protoss player Zealots can operate out properly. You just must watch out for a tech to Colossi since they are going to make it quite difficult to win battles. If your opponent is teching then rushing them with Zealots can function. Just beware of Sentries blocking the ramp. If you're facing Immortals then Zealots is going to be an ideal counter.

When facing Terran you need to be cautious for anyone who is going for a Zealot rush for the reason that if they scout two Gateways instead of the Cybernetics Core they're able to quickly get Reapers to kite your Zealots all day long. If your opponent is going for plenty of Siege Tanks then Zealots with Charge is going to be devastating. Zealots also do terrific against mass Marines considering that they may be too slow to kite them.

Zealots are the counter for Zerglings in PvZ. Just watch out for the transition to either Banelings or Roaches given that each do rather nicely against Zealots Rs Gold Cheap. It's usually very best to have Sentres and Stalkers within the mix due to the fact Sentries can trap their units so your Zealots can catch them and Stalkers can sit inside the back to shoot them down at the same time.

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