New 4.3 analog DPS ranking: rogue world formal arrival?


The most recent T13 level from the DPS simulation, who's the superior? Allow us to together first to find out the results within the simulation test it.

New 4.3 analog DPS list:

Latest modeling DPS listed analysis:

1. The thieves overall rising, no matter if they already have orange knife, and six with the top eight a thief. Together, the earliest five also packed into two mage, thief method the modern world coming? ......

2. An enthusiastic directly scored one, assassination a thief or with the dagger to great use, second runner-up prize.

3. Despite the presence of orange dagger, combat spec also played but Mr. Fire double method Yao...

4. The manner is followed a thief three-line warlock, still very dishes, shooting hunting because the source of bad equipment growth fallen fighting, and have a second number of position.

5. Unfortunately, aside from the legendary fort precepts animal husbandry, all is bottom of warriors, and flagging before shaman and rest paladin appears to have contacted trend.

The above mentioned is the simulation test for players of in version 4.3 within the professional position, but is always not the strongest profession, simply the strongest players and operation, imagine that assuming that the operation ready, each class will have to can hit our prime data arrives.

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